Ariv for Communities

Instant responses to questions about general guidelines or community rules, just ask.

Let Ariv handle queries like

Is there a channel for questions around GPT3

Who is moderating this channel?

How do I report offensive member behaviour

Running a community is rewarding and platforms like Slack and MS Teams make it easier to collaborate and moderate conversations. But the going gets tougher as you’re growing in size and new members join the fold. You have rules for them to adhere to, they have questions for you to address and most of the time threads and channels make it cluttered and tedious to maintain.

Ariv brings much needed functionality to community workspaces where everything is centered around knowledge sharing and mining. Ariv ensures the community admins and it’s members both benefit from mining, structuring and reusing knowledge.

Centralized wisdom

Right within Slack or MS Teams Ariv gives you a dedicated channel to manage all your knowledge and cater to the questions that the community has. With the ability to ingest documents and text, Ariv can get to work answering questions that are covered in the scope of these documents. Additionally all the questions members have can be directed to Ariv ensuring immediate self-service. In cases where questions are unique or answers are unavailable, Ariv will notify admins to curate an answer.

Constantly evolving knowledge at your finger tips

Ariv ensures that the knowledge that’s circulated in the community stays upto date and that the most recent answers are always surfaced for members. Ariv let’s you customize responses to specific questions ensuring you have control over the knowledge that reaches your community. Unique queries can be handled by creating new responses for them, additionally Ariv lets you put this new knowledge to use in self service. As knowledge gets updated so does Ariv responses and this ensures your community knowledge evolves with the community.

Non-obvious insights for your community

Ariv comes with intuitive dashboards that let you gauge what’s happening inside the community. Get better insights into the questions being asked by the community so you can make well informed decisions to address them. Additional insights about the knowledge self served by Ariv and the questions answered by admins including time taken to resolve queries gives you a birds eye view over your community

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