Ariv for Product Development Teams....

Use your release notes to answer product feature questions automatically!

As the team that’s designated with the task of creating the literature that's then used by the rest of the workforce it’s given that you’re the team that gets asked most of the questions. Even after all the documentation that exists, questions still get posed for you to answer. Ariv can now help you upload these documents so that the rest of the workforce can use. Ariv helps you upload these documents as sources of knowledge for the workforce to use to solve their queries thereby helping improve their productivity and also saving your team the time that would otherwise be spent answering repeat questions.

Different teams, different needs!

While the bulk of the authoring is done by your team, the content you create is used by a lot of other teams. Sales, Marketing and Engineering all have different requirements and it becomes a task provisioning it for them. Ariv with it’s advanced NLP capabilities and its use of AI is capable of understanding context and surfaces the right information based on the type of question that;s asked. Additionally Ariv gives you the control of monitoring the type of answers or knowledge that is provided ensuring your work is reduced and the team looking for answers are met with the right information.

Not another tool to maintain...

Ariv is easy to get started with and that means all you need to do is upload the documents and files that have reusable knowledge and the self service starts instantly. With the provision to assign moderators for your team, whenever there’s a question that doesn’t have an answer, Ariv redirects them to the moderators for them to curate a response. Additionally any answer that’s curated can be fed in for future use and becomes a part of the self service cycle. This ensures your knowledge base is updated and your workforce receives the latest information. Ariv let’s you do all this without you having to leave Slack or MS Teams.

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