About Us

We are on a mission to augment every knowledge worker with Artificial Intelligence. Our API platform iEngage.ai lights up unstructured data contained in conversations to create reusable knowledge that would otherwise have ended up as dark data. Our platform can be used to build new-age knowledge management solutions that transform the way enterprises capture, share, and re-use knowledge.

iEngage.ai - the underlying platform

  • INTERACTION CHANNEL - Plug in any communication medium, text, audio, video or even streaming data, your source of knowledge.
  • AUGMENTED INTELLIGENCE - Blend human and machine intelligence using NLU, ML and Deep Learning. Make sense & create context from interactions, to embellish the knowledge graph.
  • BUSINESS PROCESS ORCHESTRATION - Visually build business workflows and rules to mimic your business process. Make changes without touching code.
  • REWARDS & RECOGNITION - Recognize & reward contributions for desired activity with “Karma” points with a built in gamification engine.
  • YOUR KNOWLEDGE GRAPH - A living, central repository of enterprise knowledge & intelligence to power and enrich future interactions.

FreshEngage - Knowledge augmented support inside freshdesk

Tired of tagging, categorizing and looking for similar tickets inside freshdesk? FreshEngage is your Artificial Intelligence (AI) sidekick that uses machine learning on your old tickets to automatically tag, categorize, prioritize and even assign tickets as they come in. Freeing you up to do what you do best, resolve issues! 

Ariv.ai - Knowledge assistant for Slack or Microsoft Teams

Ariv uses natural language processing to discover, organize and provision this knowledge, right where you work.

Ariv for internal help desks will be widely available soon. This is a AI powered ticket less help desk for internal support teams like HR, Admin & Ops or even IT. To get a early peek at what we are building, sign up by clicking below.

The other version of Ariv focuses on extraction and reuse of knowledge & intelligence from conversation threads. If you are overwhelmed by the number of messages and channels in your MS Teams or Slack workspace? Ariv.ai will help you stay organized and find knowledge or information from conversation threads whenever you need it. Just ask Ariv.

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