Ariv for HR Teams

The team that's expected to have all the answers, needs help too!

With the weight of all the workforce queries on your team's shoulder it makes it all the more necessary to have quick access to information. Ariv ensures your team has the resources to solve employee queries quickly and helps self serve those generic questions that keep popping up.

Much needed help for busy HR teams in growing organizations

Here’s a team that never has a shortage of questions or requests thrown at them. With distributed offices and hundreds of employees the task of addressing every issue can seem daunting. Ariv not only consolidates these queries into a single messaging channel for the team to collaboratively respond to, but it also learns from these responses and if you allow it, respond automatically when similar queries recur. You can also upload your policy guidelines, FAQs and other knowledge into Ariv so it can use your existing know-how to address routine questions without inundating your support channel. Faster responses for employees and less busy work for your HR support partners.

Automate FAQ's

Those repeated questions surely make up the bulk of the queries within the workspace and take up unnecessary time to answer. Ariv helps manage these queries automatically. Ariv’s ability to understand context enables it to subtly pop up relevant information when a question is detected or if there’s resident knowledge available to assist a conversation.

Handle unique queries too...

Queries that can not be solved through self service can be redirected to the team with the help of Ariv. Ariv will notify the team when there’s a query that needs special attention. Additionally once these unique queries are answered they can be configured to support similar questions in the future. This cuts down response times ensuring your team is on top of all that’s happening in the workplace and ensures high productivity levels.

Streamline processes and enforce policies...

By just uploading your process or policy documents, Ariv can get to work assisting your team with all the information they need to guide the workforce or if you choose directly assist them in adhering to processes and policies. Ariv acts as a team member that’s able to understand the context of what the team is looking for and surface information from the uploaded documents for reference. This ensures that productivity never takes a break and queries get resolved as work goes on.

Analytics and dashboards...

Just as ariv keeps tabs of all your company's knowledge, she also keeps track of the questions being asked and the time taken to address these questions along with a lot of useful information that could help eliminate productivity killers within your team/workspace. Ariv can help you take well informed decisions to better help resolve queries within the workspace.

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